How to Choose a Planner

Written By Zhao Yang - July 09 2019


Heather Folts
August 15 2019

I recently purchased a 2019/2020 weekly/monthly Planner and am so beyond pleased. I have a tendency to be a horrible procrastinator if I dont keep track of appointments and important dates. This planner is perfect because it allows me to quickly jot down a quick memo on the monthly calendar, then I can flip to the weekly portion of the date and go into more details. Then I can reference back to the front for phone number and addresses. There is also a full page where there are 3 years worth of all the federally observed holidays dates are. There is a page to access the whole years overview of dates..for both 2019 and 2020. As a bonus.. it came with 2 years worth of mini calendar stickers to use. Also includes about 20 blank sheets of lined paper for whatever .. notes.. etc.. Then to top it all off if I flip to the back.. there is an extremely convenient map of the U.S including States, capitals and time zones! The elastic band helps keep my page for easy accessibility and the cherry on top is the nifty built in manilla envelope affixed to the back page. All this is a beautifully designed leather binder. I’m just so organized for everything either this planner. I literally dont leave home without it. Who knew a planner could be so functional! I reccomend this company above all others. Even came with a warranty folks.. Best Product on the market..

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